Tribute to elton john (AUSTRALIA)

Directly from Melbourne, Australia, the most explosive and colourful tribute to Elton John. Are you ready to be left speachless?

Extraordinarily captivating, The Elton Show is much more than a simple tribute but an amazing music celebration of the Rocket Man starring C.J. Marvin. C. J. Marvin, who’s full name is Carl John Marvin Benedetti, is a singer songwriter/performer of Italian Australian origins, known on an international scale.

For some crazy coincidence C.J. was born on the same day as Elton John, only 17 years later! The show covers 4 decades of incredible music, from the 70’s up to the present day, featuring many of Elton’s greatest hits; from the timeless “Your Song“ and rockers like “Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting“, through “I’m Still Standing“ and “Can you feel the love tonight?“, to the latest tunes from the “Wonderful Crazy Night“ hit album.

The Elton Show captures the essence of Elton John and together with his live band and backing singers, when C.J. sings you would think it was Elton himself!

But don’t just take our word for it. Back in 1984 C.J. was personally invited to Elton’s Milan shows at the Teatro-Tenda Lampugnano and whilst waiting for the limousines in the hotel lobby together with Elton & the Band, C.J. sat down at the grand piano and started playing around with bits and pieces of some of Elton’s songs. After hearing the young C.J.´s impromptu performance, Elton remarked: You are the best me I ever heard!